What Did Intuitive Eating Teach Me?

So, my intuitive eating experiment taught me a number of things but the biggest and baddest ones are that my body doesn’t like wheat and dairy.

This is sad news but, if I want to feel better, I know what I have to do. Also, did you know that we sometimes crave the very things we are allergic to?  This was definitely apparent as I looked back on my dairy consumption.


I buy a wheel of brie at Whole Foods. Take a bite and put brie in the fridge. One day later, I open the fridge to eat some cheese and there’s only one sliver left. One sliver. My thought process: Where did the cheese go? I didn’t eat all of the cheese. I DID NOT eat all of that cheese. Who broke into my house and ate my cheese?? Then, eventually, I realize that I had, in fact, in some weird, dairy induced, dissassociative state, eaten all of the cheese. Not good. And wheat is usually a very similar situation. Insert baguette for brie and repeat story.

Coffee, it seems is also not my friend. Since I may love coffee more than life itself, however, and therefore refuse to give it up.

Moderation though. I will, once again, try moderation with my coffee consumption… Sigh. Wish me luck…

Next on my sad little list of things my body doesn’t react well to? Alcohol. Yes, it’s true. And just in time for patio season.

I’ve noticed lately that even when I have a couple of drinks,  the next day I wake up with bags under my eyes, my face breaks out in blotchy red bumps and I walk around all day with a killer headache. Not good. So, again, I will strive to be moderate. One cocktail, one glass of water. It’s going to be an interesting time ahead.

Here’s to finding health and balance.