Elle MacPherson & Mango Sorbet

While I was on vacation, away from my day to day reality, my life turned into one big cheat week.

I had deliciously greasy Mexican food in fab, hole-in-the-wall restaurants and super rich Greek food at Petros in Manhattan Beach (If you are ever in the neighborhood, sit at the bar and order the prawn saganaki, greek salad and the organic California Pinot Gris. Amazing!).

Enchiladas, burritos, fish tacos, calamari…On and on it went. Occasionally I would throw a cold-pressed juice, salad or big, juicy watermelon into the mix but mostly I ate whatever the heck I wanted with zero guilt.

But America is different than Canada. Admittedly, we have big portions here but the US of A takes it to another level with Godzilla size meals. I noticed this daily as I ate my way through Southern California. Especially, when on the way home from the beach one day, my friend Tammy did an ice cream run. I asked for a small chocolate and she returned with a huge, two scoop cone. When I questioned her about the size of my ice cream cone, she said that it was the smallest size. Oh God! I thought and then proceeded to eat it all.

I came back to Canada full, sluggish and wearing uncomfortably tight jeans.

And then I saw this:


If I look at pictures of when I was young, my smile wasn’t even genuine, because I was so wracked with self-consciousness. Now I look at my pictures and I think, “Yeah, that’s where I’m at. That’s who I am. I’m not 20, I’m 50. I’m comfortable.” – Elle MacPherson

Read article here.

Okay, I realize Elle MacPherson has super-gorgeous, super-model genes. But she’s 50 now and great genes will only take you so far. Elle is a woman who looks like she’s been taking wickedly good care of herself for a long, long time. It’s not that we should all aspire to look just like her but I love seeing people in the media who prove that we don’t have to fall apart as we age. Especially when they do it without any trips to the plastic surgeon’s office. I saw an interview with Elle M. on TV shortly after reading the above article and she looks seriously un-botoxed. Her face is showing a bit of aging but it just makes her look like a lovely, natural, sexy surfer girl of a certain age…which is exactly what she is.

Anyway, this photo has inspired me to get off the enchilada train and back onto my healthy eating path with a mini, juicy cleanse. And while I’m cleansing, Elle’s bikini photo is going to be on my fridge for inspiration.

Another thing that is going to be on my cleanse is this delicious mango- banana sorbet.

Mango Banana Sorbet

  • 1 cup of frozen mango
  • 1 frozen banana
  • Dash of cinnamon
  • Splash of coconut milk

banana mango sorbet

Place all of the above in a food processor or blender and blend until smooth.

Because, even on a cleanse, a girl can’t live on liquids alone.



Lunch with Joe

I’ve been a little obsessed with Joe Cross ever since seeing the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

Watching his transformation from a 320 pound, extremely sedentary man with a ton of medical problems (who also looked like he may have swallowed a soccer ball whole) to a beach running, juice drinking, slim and fit hottie is beyond impressive and inspired me to try a couple of juice cleanses myself.


When I found out that Joe was coming to Vancouver for an informal lecture at a local drug store, I went a little over the top in the excitement department. I immediately made sure I could get the allotted 2.5 hours off of work, then double and triple checked that my iphone and Nikon were fully charged for video taking and photo ops. I was fully geeking out. Last but not least, I made sure I was wearing lots of mascara and a cute outfit to meet my juicing guru in person.

There were lots of people attending his talk and it took a bit of jostling to get a decent view so video taking was a little bit challenging. Below is a short video I managed to take on my trusty iphone of Joe describing the physiological effects of a juice cleanse. And it totally explains why I never make it past day two…

Hearing Joe describe his diet of green juice and fruit during the day and a “normal” dinner at night made eating a large percentage of raw and green food seem like a really smart, balanced  and easy thing to do. I love good, nutritious food and all that it can do for you, but the idea of never having an occasional cheeseburger with fries makes me very, very sad. A balance of healthy greens during the day and a maybe slightly indulgent dinner in the evening seems like a really attainable goal.

Oh, and he was pretty easy on the eyes too!

Joe + me



Ouch! I Fell Off the Juice Wagon!

I was so good for two whole days. So good! Then my friend, Sandrine invited me to a foodie’s dream. A dining extravaganza called “Big Night” and featured a host of local, rock star chefs preparing course after course of delicous food to indulge in.

My last post talked about listening to my body and my body told me that it really, really wanted to go to this event! After two days of cleansing, I had had enough and was ready to feast.


Curried mussel soup from Maenam

Maenam Sous Chef Sean McGuire

Maenam Sous Chef Sean McGuire

photo (11)

With Sandrine at Big Night

I checked my phone when I rolled home later that evening and another friend had left a message, inviting me to a milkshake party the very next day. A milkshake party! My inner child shrieked in delight! So I cut my cleanse short, had a big, fat, fun, food-filled weekend. My three day cleanse turned into a two day cleanse with absolutely zero guilt. I think I made the right decision. Letting loose and forgetting about your eating plan/workout regime every so often is as important as cleansing. And btw, cleansing is really hard work.

So, with the juice cleanse over, it’s on to my next adventure, checking out the vendors at the Vancouver Wellness Show this weekend. I can’t wait to see what’s going to be on display and will share the good, the bad, the weird and the wonderful in next week’s post.

Until then…


The Jewel of Gastown

So, day one and two of my juicy cleanse are powered by the watermelon coloured nirvana of freshly made juices and smoothies, The Juice Truck.
juice truck 029
juice truck 017
juice truck 020
It’s day one and I made a lunch pilgrimage, in sub-zero weather, to Gastown’s Juice Truck, for my all-time fave smoothie, The Blueberry Matcha (Blueberry blended with matcha tea powder, banana, cacao nibs, cinnamon, medjool dates & almond milk). As I wandered through the frigid streets of Vancouver, sipping my cold, purple drink and shivering, I couldn’t help but think, “Who does a cold juice detox in January when living in Canada? A stupid person?” I walked along, imagining my lips turning blue as my core temperature dropped with every sip of my smoothie. After drinking it’s purple goodness, however, and making it back to my warm, toasty office, I felt happy, healthy and full. The flavours of the smoothie are sublime, the richness great for filling up an empty stomach and the matcha powder gives you a subtle boost to get through the afternoon. I think pure juice cleanses are good if you want to lose weight but, if you just want to detox your system, smoothies are the way to go!

Having had a green smoothie of kale, mango, bananas and almond milk for breakfast this morning and going home with a few packaged juices from the truck, I’m feeling slightly hungry but energized and very motivated.

juice truck

Today was, for lack of a better term to describe it, a piece of cake (well, except for the frosty smoothie in the freezing cold).

Tomorrow, I’m having a juice only, one day cleanse supply delivered to the office by the Juice Truck. Easy, convenient and you get seven drinks for $65.00. I’m curious to see how a pure juice, no smoothie day goes. Will I make it? Tune in tomorrow to find out.