BC Day

I was a little outdoorsy when I arrived in BC from Ontario in the late 90’s but…only a little. Living in this beautiful province has, slowly but surely, turned me into a devoted, treehugging hiker and nature lover. And becoming these things has transformed both my physical fitness and emotional health. I cannot even imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t moved to BC and experienced the breathtaking beauty of this province’s mountain and forest trails.

I’m also forever grateful to this stunning province for teaching me a few lessons in peace, happiness and what life is all about.

Here they are:

1. Getting outside and working up a sweat makes you healthy and happy. Hello endorphins!

2. Taking the time to question the craziness of our stressed out society. And, when you do, you’ll probably reach the conclusion that the slow pace of the natural world is where to find true contentment.

3. And, last but not least, that hugging and old growth tree in the middle of a forest makes everything better.

Loving and thanking you today British Columbia ❤

5 thoughts on “BC Day

    • It’s beautiful there! Sometimes I dream of quitting my job and hiking BC and Alberta for the rest of my life. I don’t think you’d ever run out of beautiful places to explore 🙂

  1. hello laurel its dennis the vizsla dog hay that duz sownd like a gud playse to be i bet my dada wood like it i think he misses the forests they had in the mithikal land of bak eest!!! we do not hav mutch in the way of forests heer eksept maybe forests of cactus!!! ha ha ok bye

    • A forest is a really good place to be Dennis. And the mithikal forests of bak eest are wonderful too. Good thing you have a big, beautiful ocean near by ’cause oceans are just as good as forests. xo Laurel

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