Yoga & Martinis

Shade Boutique Hotel in Manhattan Beach was my home away from home in California and I feel like I could have happily stayed there forever. I truly mean that. When I was a teenager the most glamorous life I could imagine, and would constantly daydream about, was the life of a writer, in a big city, living in a luxury hotel room. I still think I would be incredibly happy living that life, especially since it includes daily maid service.

My dog and I both enjoyed Shade’s perfectly glam roof deck. I loved the morning yoga classes…

And the Nickster enjoyed lounging by the pool, drinking cucumber water and deciding if he should bark at the other guests.

pool dog

The daily, complimentary breakfasts were amazing…

smoked salmon bagel

But the real jewel of this hotel is it’s lobby bar-restaurant, Zinc. This is a cool little spot where you can end the day sipping a craft cocktail, chatting with the bartender and getting to know the other guests. My favourite fellow guests were two sisters from Atlanta. They were drinking wine and laughing every time I saw them and were in town to get a little botox and fillers in Beverly Hills. Just a touch so they could go back home looking “refreshed”.

There were a lot of delicious cocktails at Zinc but my absolute fave was the sweet and cool Cucumber- Pear Martini.

The Drink at Zinc

  • 2 oz. Grey Goose pear vodkamartini
  • 1 oz St. Germain elderflower liqueur
  • one peeled slice of cucumber, muddled in the glass
  • lemon lime juice (organic citrus fruit, agave syrup and water to taste)


  • Muddle cucumber in the bottom of a martini glass
  • Shake (or stir) remaining ingredients with ice
  • Pour over cucumber

Voila! A perfect cocktail.

Oh, and then there was the food…

Shade Hotel

17 thoughts on “Yoga & Martinis

  1. That calamari looks so crispy and delicious. So funny, I don’t know if it’s really possible, but just reading your description of the ultimate life made me realize that’s mine, too, but i never articulated it as such. I love love love staying in hotels!!!!!

    • Me too! Wouldn’t living in a hotel be the ultimate? I remember a character in a book I read as a teenager living in an amazing hotel room in New York and I immediately thought it would be the best life ever 🙂

      • I know, I’m getting nervous about our trip to Oregon . . . staying in a sort of cabin in the middle of nowhere no coffee no cellphone no lights no nothin!!!!! Obviously no calamari either!

      • well full disclosure: we’re going to a teeny town called Sisters and then over to Eugene. Then we go to a place actually called “Detroit,” OR. The hot springs are clothing optional so I might conduct an independent research “Beauty Project.” The last time we took a trip like this it was a silent 8 day retreat and I took our rental car and drove 7 miles to the nearest town in Colorado every. day. to read the paper have coffee and have some sound. I am very nervous!!!

      • I’ve heard great things about Eugene. The rest of the trip sounds like a grand adventure! I’m excited for you and am looking forward to reading about it in your blog!

  2. Love that they do morning yoga on the rooftop! Looks like a really wonderful place to stay. Thanks for sharing the recommendation, Laurel!
    p.s. That cocktail sounds a lot like one I had in a local bar (off-the-strip) in Vegas, but I think mine may have been Gin-based. Also had the Germain elderflower, which added some nice complexity to it!

  3. hello laurel its dennis the vizsla dog hay grey goose my mama luvs that stuf!!! altho she aparently drinks it strayt up wotever that meens!!! dada sez all vodka taysts like paynt thinner but mama disagrees!!! ok bye

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  5. Love the post Laurel. Had a muddled cucumber vodka martini in Victoria just a week ago and plan to make one tonight. In theirs the cucumber was muddled in green tea. The fireworks were great last night. Great photo 🙂

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